Year 5


This term’s learning journey is based on ‘Cosmic’, a novel by Frank Cottrell Boyce.   A topic web, which should give you a clearer idea about what we expect to be covering this term, is below; it is not a comprehensive list and some aspects are subject to change as the term progresses.  Please don’t hesitate to come and speak to us in person if you require any further information about the curriculum.

Please note the topic web only provides an outline of the intended learning as we are deliberately choosing not to reveal everything to the children at the beginning of our new learning journey.

Rather than teach them discretely, we will be incorporating the ‘Relationships and Sex Education’ (emotional and physical changes during puberty) into the topic, as well as the Drugs and Alcohol Education (alcohol, advertising, peer pressure and assertiveness skills).  Some of the lessons will involve watching and discussing relevant and age-appropriate DVDs.  You may like to take this opportunity to discuss sex education with your child.   Any questions asked during the lessons will be answered sensitively and with discretion.   Some questions may be considered inappropriate to answer in a class situation, and we will suggest in these cases that the child asks an adult at home.   Your support is greatly appreciated in these matters.

The HOMEWORK arrangements will remain the same as last term; the tasks will be set on a Friday every fortnight and will need to be completed, signed for and returned by the deadline on the instruction sheet (usually 12 days later).

Guided reading:

Each child will read with an adult once a week.  The children’s follow-up reading can be done in class. Where possible, TA’s will try to read with children individually on a 1:1 basis as and when they can.


Swimming lessons take place every Thursday, with children in Rowan class swimming in the first half term and then alternating with Redwood class for each subsequent half term. The children will need trunks (not below the knees) or a one-piece costume, as well as a towel, a swimming hat, and goggles if they wish.   As before, replacement swimming hats should be available at cost price at the school office.  Please note that we will need to leave school before 9am for these lessons, and we will walk to and from St Luke’s pool.  This means that the children need to come straight into the classroom when the front door opens at 8:50am, and they should bring a waterproof coat if there is any chance of rain.   Our PE budget cannot possibly stretch to cover the cost of the pool hire and instruction, so we do ask parents and carers to contribute £1.50 per lesson (ie £10.50 for this half term).


Both Redwood and Rowan classes have outdoor PE on Wednesday; for these lessons the children will need a plain white/green/grey t-shirt and white/green/grey shorts (or leggings).   During a ‘non-swimming’ half-term the children will also have outdoor PE on Tuesday, for which they will need the same kit (plus plimsolls or trainers). As the weather gets colder, they are also allowed to wear tracksuit / jogging bottoms and sweatshirts etc (in any colour).  A small amount of spare indoor PE kit is kept in each classroom for emergencies, but in the past a number of children have relied on this option; we would appreciate your help in supporting your child to remember their own kit on the right days.  Also, on non-PE days we will continue with the ‘Daily Run’; the children do not get changed for this activity, but they do need to come to school in footwear that is comfortable for running.


We do use acrylic paints (as well as PVA glue) during art lessons, so it would be both advisable and helpful if all children could keep an art shirt (ie an old, over-sized shirt or t-shirt) in their PE bags.

Year 5 staff

Rowan class

Mr Maestro – Class Teacher

Mr Waring – PPA Cover (Wednesday)

Mrs Moloney – Class TA

Mr Hodkin – Class TA

Redwood class

Miss Crofton – Class Teacher

Molly Tipping – Class TA

Mr Waring – PPA Cover (Wednesday)

Class Dojo

Please ensure that you have your student log-in for class dojo. In the event of self-isolating or an entire bubble’s isolation it is the expectation that pupils will continue to complete work at home to minimise the impact of COVID and loss of learning. (If you do not have your log-in please contact the school office).


Swimming is on Thursdays – children need to be at school for 8:50am.

Rowan class swim during the first half of each term, and Redwood then swim after every half-term break.

Indoor PE for both classes takes place on Wednesday.

Outdoor PE (for the non-swimming class) is on Tuesday.

Please help us by ensuring that your child has their swimming and PE kit on the appropriate days.