Year 4

Blood, Bones and Body Bits

In the Spring term, year 4 are exploring the human body! We are looking at the skeleton and all the different bodily systems that make humans, well…human! We have already conducted a treasure hunt for bones which we since put together to build our class skeletons. We have visited the Booth museum where we learnt more about bones and the skeletal system.

Now we will focus on learning more about the science of the body and all of the complex processes involved in allowing us to do the things we do on a daily basis. In English, we are creating an information report about one of the bodily systems, gathering facts, top tips and interesting information about our chosen body part.


We are looking in detail at multiplication and division at the moment. Please practice doing different calculations as much as possible. Here are some interactive games that may be helpful:



Year 4 staff

Cypress class

Mr McLaren, Ms Sorenson and Mrs Hamm

PPA (Friday) Mr Macleod

Cedar class

Ms Beaumont, Mrs Cornforth, Mrs Ashcroft and Mrs Hamm


Cypress Class

Basketball – Monday afternoon

Tennis – Friday morning


Cedar Class

Swimming – Thursday afternoon

Dance – Wednesday morning