Year 4

Invaders and Settlers

Welcome to year 4. In the Autumn term, we have started learning about the Saxons and Vikings. We had an important visitor, ‘Eadric’ (pictured) who was able to tell us all about life during that period over a 1000 years ago. Eadric brought with him some real Saxon artifacts which the children were able to inspect.

The Vikings attack!

The children are learning about the conflicts between the Saxons and Vikings, and how the Vikings were able to sail across the oceans in their rarified longboats to try to take over Saxon Britain. They have not only recreated the amazing longboats but they have upgraded them using modern technology in Design Technology!


We are looking in detail at Multiplication and Division x ÷

The children are learning about both written and mental strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. 

You can check out some maths games here:

Mr McLaren’s favourite is the ‘maths fishing’ game.


Year 4 staff

Cypress class

Mr. McLaren, Mr. Hodkin

PPA (Wednesday) Mrs. Bennett

Cedar class

Mrs. Beaumont, Mrs. Cornforth, Ms. Sorenson, Mrs. Hamm


Cypress Class

Gymnastics – Friday

Hockey – Wednesday

Swimming – Thursday

Cedar Class

Gymnastics – Tuesday

Swimming – Thursday


In English, we are creating Newspaper reports of the Viking attack on the island of Lindisfarne! 

The children are re-enacting the event in groups and learning about the history of England in the process.