Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The teachers of Holly and Horse Chestnut classes are delighted to welcome your children back to Elm Grove and are happy that children are busy settling back into their routines and learning.


         Ms Ahmed                                                               Mr Castilho

Star Carr - Savannah Storm Illustration

Spring Term Topic: Stone Age/ Bronze Age/ Iron Age

Dear Parents, Carers and Year 3 children,
We have started an exciting new learning journey-Stone Age Rome Age. We will be using our skills as historians to find out more about how people lived in the past. their cultures, settlements and what changed through this period of history which will cover the stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron /age (Celts), which will be this half term, up until and including the Roman invasion.
If you would like to do some research at home these links are very helpful. We always welcome and encourage children to share with the class anything they have made or found out relating to our learning journeys.
Have fun!
Year 3 team

Make use of the links below!

Welcome to Year 3 and our learning journey ‘If these walls could talk’

We are so pleased to be back this year with our first learning journey ‘If these walls could talk’. We will be using our local area to teach the skills of how to be a historian through researching about Victorian times. Brighton is rich in Victorian history and the ideal location to use first-hand sources to teach your children how people lived in the past.
We have started with an investigation of our own school building, looking for clues as to how old it is. Our learning journey will continue to look at what school would have been like back then, the divide between how the rich and poor lived, Victorian inventions, crime and punishment, what life would have been like as a servant and ending with looking at what Victorian Christmas would have been like and how it has influenced our celebrations today.
We would love it if you would like to do some research at home either using books, the internet or maybe, if we are lucky, you may have some personal family history to share. Photos or stories would be fantastic.
These websites have some good sources of information:

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Horse Chestnut Class

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Please ensure that you have your student log-in for class dojo. In the event of self-isolating or an entire bubble’s isolation it is the expectation that pupils will continue to complete work at home to minimise the impact of COVID and loss of learning. (If you do not have your log-in please contact the school office).