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Our topic this term is ‘Healthy Me’

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Healthy Me Topic Web

Archived Online Learning For Pupils Self Isolating 



English Worksheets and Activities

Week 14 13.07.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5


Mystery of the Sports Day Trophy Snatcher

Mystery of the Missing Treasure


Week 13 06.07.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5

Day 4 – Why not me?


Mystery of the missing spacesuit

Correct the punctuation


Week 12 29.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5


Missing Medal Mystery

Common Exception Words

Week 11 22.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5


Peter Rabbit Mystery

Correct the Spellings

Week 10 15.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5


il endings

al endings

le endings

el endings

Week 9 08.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5

Animal Recipes – Day 1

Noun Adjective Presentation – Day 5


Possessive Apostrophe PowerPoint

Possessive Apostrophe Worksheet

Week 8 w.b 01.06.20

Day 1          Day 2           Day 3              Day 4           Day 5 


Contractions Powerpoint

Contractions Activity

Contractions Worksheet

Week 7 w.b 18.05.20

Day 1          Day 2          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

Wild Pets Story – Days 1&2

In Every Corner Story – Day 3

Noun PowerPoint – Day 3

Noun PowerPoint – Day 4


Introduction to Homophones PowerPoint

Homophones Matching Game

There Their They’re PowerPoint

There Their They’re Activity

Week 6 w.b 11.05.20

Day 1          Day 2          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

Dream On Story Day 3

Presentation- Sentence Types Day 4


Presentation – Suffixes

Suffixes Activity

Suffixes Fortune Teller

Tricky Words Booklet – Yellow

Week 5 w.b 04.05.20

Day 1          Day 2          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

Presentation – Noun Phrases Part 1 Day 1

Presentation – Noun Phrases Part 2 Day 2

Punctuation Game


Common Exception Words – Guess the Word

Common Exception Words – Guess the Word (Yellow)

Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges (Yellow)

Week 4

Day 1          Day 2          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

Whale Words


Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words

Year 1 Common Exception Words Activity Book

Year 2 Common Exception Words Activity Book

Week 3

Day 1     Day 2     Day 3     Day 4     Day 5

Angry Cat

Hansel and Gretel

Week 2

Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5


Verbs PowerPoint

Adverbs PowerPoint

Finding Verbs Activity Sheet

Changing Verbs Activity Sheets

Adjectives Powerpoint

Nouns Powerpoint

Circus Photo Mat

Mini Beast poetry: 

Display Poster

Handwriting Sheets


Y2 Common Exception Wordsearch:

No.1    No.2    No.3    No.4    No.5

Week 1

Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5

Correct the Punctuation

Outdoor Phonics Challenges 1

Outdoor Phonics Challenges 2

Outdoor Phonics Challenges (Yellow)

Handwriting booklet

Read and Respond Fun Activity Sheets

Plan a Story Prompts

Phonics Play:    

Username: march20    Password: home

English Worksheets and Activities- Yellow

Week 14 13.06.20

Jungle Sentences – Yellow

Hidden Words Game – Yellow

Silly Sentence Maker – Yellow

Similes – Yellow

Week 13 06.07.20

A sentence a day – Yellow

Punctuation challenges – Yellow

Common exception word spotter, parent guide – Yellow

Common exception word spotter, A Plane to Spain – Yellow

Common exception word spotter, How we Became Friends – Yellow

Sentence building – Yellow

Week 12 29.06.20

Bird facts cards – Yellow

Bird fact writing template – Yellow

Superhero sentences – Yellow

Common Exception Words – Yellow

Sentence building – Yellow

Week 11 22.06.20

Under the Sea – Yellow

Jack and the Beanstalk – Yellow

Sentence Unscramble – Yellow

I Spy – Yellow

Word search – Yellow

Week 10 15.06.20

Seaside sentences – Yellow

Postcard writing – Yellow

Circle the word – Yellow

Read and race – Yellow

Week 9 08.06.20

Word search – Yellow

Phonics Tic Tac Toe – Yellow

Seaside Senses – Yellow

Seaside Senses Poem Frame – Yellow

Week 8 w.b 01.06.20

Crossword – Yellow

Name the Alien – Yellow

Pirate Sentences – Yellow

Spelling Challenges – Yellow

Week 7 18.05.20

Acrostic poetry – Yellow

Read and Colour – Yellow

Rhyming Words – Yellow



Week 6 w.b 11.05.20

Matching Pictures to Sentences – Yellow 

Sentence Unscramble – Yellow

Week 5 w.b 04.05.20

Sentence Building Activity – Yellow

Capital Letters and Full Stops – Yellow

Tricky Word Spotter – Yellow


Week 4

Letter Formation Practice

Phase 3 Phonics Buried Treasure Game

Sentence Unscramble

Week 3

Letter formation workbook

Phase 3 sentence building cards

Phase 3 tricky words workbook

Phase 3 phonics games         2     3     4     5     6


Week 2

Pencil Control Workbook – Yellow

Reading Race Game:

ck,e,u,r,h,b Read and Race Game

f,ff,l,ll,ss Read and Race Game

j,v,w,x,y,z,zz Read and Race Game

m,d,g,o,c,k Read and Race Game

qu,ch,sh,th,ng Read and Race Game

s,a,t,p,i,n Read and Race Game


Cards Images and Text

Cards Images

Cards Text

CVC Word List

Word Mat – Images

Word Mat – Words

Word Mat Images and Text

Reading Worksheets and Activities

Week 14 13.07.20

Superheroes (Easier)

The Adventure of Blueberry Boy (Harder)

The History of Superheroes (Hardest)

Iggy Thinks – Yellow


Week 13 06.07.20

Our Beautiful Blue Planet (Easier)

Jazzy Jellyfish (Harder)

Ocean Oddities (Hardest)

Pip Predicts – Yellow

Week 12 29.06.20

Garden birds

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Women’s World Cup

Rex Retriever – Yellow

Week 11 22.06.20

The Tortoise and the Hare

David Attenborough


Suki Sequences – Yellow

Week 10 w.b. 15.6.20

Greek salad recipe

The Ant and the Grasshopper

The tale of two feathers

Victor Spots Vocabulary – Yellow

Week 9 w.b. 08.06.20

Deep Sea Explorers


Around the World in 80 Days

Reading Comprehension Game (any book) – Yellow

Matching Captions and Pictures – Yellow 

Jack and the Beanstalk – Yellow



Week 8 w.b 01.06.20


Sunflower Plant Life Cycle

Seaside Animals

Sun, Sea and Beach Safety

Minibeast Description Matching Game – Yellow

Reading Three Key Words – Yellow

Seaside Missing Sounds – Yellow

Week 7 w.b 18.05.20

End Plastic Pollution

History of the Seaside


Animal Early Reading Comprehension – Yellow

Transport Early Reading Comprehension – Yellow

Sentence Builder Cards – Yellow

Week 6 w.b 11.05.20

This week we are all reading the same book and then doing some activities based around it: They should take you between 15 – 30 mins 

 Listen to the book here: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

And do the activity booklet throughout the week – Reading task Booklet – Y1 and Y2

Week 5 w.b 04.05.20

All about Beaches

Grace Darling


Fascinating Facts Reading Activity

Simple sentence reading cards (Yellow)

Phase 3 Phonics I Can Read Matching Activity (Yellow)

Phonics Reading Activity Mats (Yellow)

Week 4

Beach Habitats

Layers of the Ocean


Non-Fiction Book Review

Tricky Words Scavenger Hunt (Yellow)       Guide       Words       Checklist

Tricky Words Snakes and Ladders Game (Yellow)

Tricky Words Bingo (Yellow)

Week 3

Amazing Antarctica

Birds in Your Garden


Non fiction book review

I can read words (Yellow) – Set 1     Set 2     Set 3     Set 4     Set 5

Week 2

Bear who Came to Babysit Newspaper Template

Bear who Came to Babysit Sequencing Cards – Yellow

Book Review – Yellow

In Depth Book Review

Reading Challenges

Reading Prompts for Parents


Week 1

60 Second Reads Guidance

A Monster Surprise – Reading Comprehension, differentiated

A Tale of Two Feathers – Reading Comprehension, differentiated

Javan Rhino – Reading Comprehension, differentiated

Match Captions to Pictures – Yellow

Maths Worksheets and Activities

Maths Videos by Mr Prue (click here)

Week 14 13.07.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4

O’Clock – Yellow

Half Past – Yellow

O’Clock, Half Past, Quarter Past and Quarter To – Yellow


Week 13 06.07.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4

Time 1 – Yellow

Time 2 – Yellow

Time 3 – Yellow

Week 12 29.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4

Measuring 1 – Yellow

Measuring 2 – Yellow

Measuring 3 – Yellow

Week 11 22.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4

Measuring 1 – Yellow

Measuring 2 – Yellow

Week 10 w.b.15.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4

Shape 1 – Yellow

Shape 2 – Yellow

Shape 3 – Yellow

Week 9 w.b. 08.06.20

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4

Fractions 1 – Yellow

Fractions 2 – Yellow

Fractions 3 – Yellow

Week 8 w.b 01.06.20

Day 1          Day 2           Day 3           Day 4           Day 5

Sharing 1 – Yellow

Sharing 2 – Yellow

Sharing 3 – Yellow

Odd and Even Numbers – Yellow

Week 7 w.b 18.05.20

Day 1          Day 2          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

All about 2 Activity Mat – Yellow

All about 5 Activity Mat – Yellow

All About 10 Activity Mat – Yellow

Counting in 2s Matching Activity – Yellow

Counting in 5s Activity – Yellow


Week 6 w.b 11.05.20

Day 1         Day 2            Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

Addition to 10 – Yellow

Addition to 20 – Yellow

Subtraction to 10 – Yellow

Subtraction within 20 – Yellow


Week 5 w.b 04.05.20

Day 1         Day 2            Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

Number bonds to 10 ten frame – Yellow

Rainbow number bonds to 10 – Yellow

One more one less activity – Yellow


Week 4

Day 1          Day 2          Day 2 Powerpoint          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5

Ordinal Numbers (Yellow)

Rounding to 10 Rhyme

Measuring Snakes Activity (Yellow)

Measuring Length Activity Cards (Yellow)

2D Shapes – 2D Shapes Guessing Game     2D Shape Hunt     Spot the 2D Shapes  (Yellow)    2D shape Properties Activity 

Week 3

Day 1     Day 2     Day 2 PowerPoint     Day 3     Day 4     Day 5     Day 5 PowerPoint

Fractions activities (yellow) – Bees in the Garden     Find a half     Halving to 20

Fractions activities – Fractions workbook     Fractions forest board game     Fractions dominoes halves and quarters     Matching fractions card game 

Fractions bingo – Boards     Counters     Dice     Cards

Week 2

Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5

Money Challenges

Money Word Problems

Checking your Change!

Activity Cards – Compare Money

Answers – Compare Money

Diving into Mastery Guidance

Coin addition – Yellow

Coin Ordering – Yellow

Week 1

Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5

Addition and Subtraction Challenge Booklet

Ultimate Tables Challenge

Tables Treasure Hunt

Multiplication Dice Game

2 x Table Space Race

Number Formation

Number Bonds to 10 – Yellow

Number bonds to 20 – Yellow

Number Recognition 1-10 – Yellow

Place Value – Yellow

Physical and Mental Well-being Activities

Week 14 13.07.20

This weeks picture book is “Mr. Big” by Ed Vere. Mr. Big has a hidden talent that no one knows about at first. Do you have a talent? Or maybe there is skill you would like to learn . Talk to your grown up about this. Maybe they have a talent you didn’t know about too.  

Week 13 06.07.20

We were going to put a really serious picture book here for you to share… but then this naughty cat called CHESTER scribbled all over our plan in red pen…. Alright Chester if you insist, we’ll share your story….  



This is Mr. Prue’s favorite picture book. What is yours? Try reading your story aloud and making it sound exciting. If you have permission from a grown-up who looks after you, you could try sharing your book on class Dojo. 

Week 12 29.06.20

This week’s picture book to share and think about is Amazing Graceby Mary Hoffman. Are there any characters in a book that you would like to pretend to be? Remember the lesson from Amazing Grace you could pretend to be anyone.

Week 11 22.06.20

This week’s picture book to share and think about is “Is it the way you giggle?” by Nicola Connelly and Annie Hite.  It’s time to spend a little time thinking about yourself. What makes you special? 

This week’s PSHE is the second lesson called ‘Good to be me’. We will talk about our similarities and our differences, and why you should always be proud of who you are. We will also discuss skin colour and how every skin colour is beautiful. We will talk about how it is never OK to be unkind to someone because they look different, sound different, or come from a different sort of family.  

 Good to be me – 2

June is also Gypsy Roma Traveller History month.  

Gypsy Roma Traveller Month

Week 10 w.b. 15.06.20

This week’s picture book to share and think about is “Two dads” written by Caroline Robertson and Sophie Humphreys.

It is easy to get grumpy when you spend lots of time in the same place with the same people, but the little boy in this story has really thought about all the good things about his parents. Perhaps you could think about all the nice things that happen in your family too.



This week’s PSHE lesson is called ‘Good to be me’. We will talk about our similarities and our differences, and why you should always be proud of who you are. We will also discuss skin colour and how every skin colour is beautiful. We will talk about how it is never OK to be unkind to someone because they look different, sound different, or come from a different sort of family. 

Good to be me – 1

Carrot Club


Week 9 w.b. 08.06.20

This week’s picture book to share is “The day you begin” by Jacqueline Woodson. You may have it at home but don’t worry if you don’t, just follow this link to share a story reading on YouTube.

It is a book about appreciating our differences and connecting with others when they feel alone.

Week 8 w.b 01.06.20

Look at the book “You Choose” here:

Decision Making Challenges

Week 7 w.b 18.05.20

Listen to the story ‘Barry the Fish with Fingers’ here:

Barry the Fish with Fingers Activity Sheet

Week 6 w.b 11.05.20

Listen to the story of The Snail and the Whale here:

The Snail and the Whale Activity Sheet

Week 5 w.b 04.05.20

My Self Praise Jar Activity

Positive Words and Compliments Activity Sheet

Yoga to Promote Relaxation and Sleep


Week 4

Senses mindfulness challenges

Weekly Well-Being Journal – Day 1       Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5 

Week 3

Joe Wicks 8 minute workout

Mindfulness challenge cards

Positive affirmation

Things to look forward to


Week 2

Acts of Kindness Cards

Joe Wicks Activity Cards

Brain Break Cards

Week 1

Fitness Challenges

Mindful Breathing

Sensory Break Cards

Tabletop Challenge Cards

Week 14 13.07.20

Activity 1: Lots of amazing creatures live in the sea near where Brighton. Use this weblink to find out more. 

You could make your own information book about one or more of these creatures or even go to the beach with an adult and make a record of any birds or sea creatures that you see or find evidence of.

Activity 2: Most of you will have seen the ruin of the West Pier in Brighton, but do you know what happened to it? Use this website to find out… Ask an adult to help pick out key bits of information and then use these to write your own timeline. 

Activity 3: Dolphins have been spotting swimming near Brighton. Why not have a go at drawing a dolphin. Here is a YouTube tutorial that might help. 

Week 13 06.07.20

Activity 1: You don’t have to travel far to find some amazing animals. Use the mini beast sheet to see what you can find in your local park or garden.  Ask a trusted adult to check the area you are looking in is safe and try to look but not touch. 

Mini beast hunt sheet 


Activity 2: Tourist boards sometimes write slogans to try and attract new visitors like: – 

“Come to London to see the historic Buckingham palace, hear the buskers in Camden market and smell the delicious doughnut at Spitalfields market. “ 

Could you write a slogan about Brighton that includes at least three of your five senses?


Activity 3: Have you been having fun in the sunshine? Try using this link or some paints, pens or pencils to make your own sunshine picture… 


Week 12 29.06.20

Activity 1: Once you have done last week’s food chains learning,  have a go at this worksheet.

Hunter – Hunted Worksheet

Activity 2: When things to return to normal, lots of businesses will want to make sure tourists return to Brighton to spend their money. This is an old poster drawn to attract tourists to our town. What could you draw on a modern poster that might encourage tourists to some to Brighton?

Activity 3: This link shows you how you can draw a road that appears to lead off into the distance. 

 You could try to include a Brighton building in your picture, like the i360 or you could have a look at this picture and try to use the ideas from the video to draw a path through the Sussex countryside.  

Week 11 22.06.20

Activity 1: One of the areas we study in year 2 science is food chains the link to the game below could be a good way to start to understand why farms are so important to the food chain and why farmers think protecting the environment is so important.

Activity 2: Making a Tourist information leaflet about Brighton. 

Start by folding a piece of paper like this so that you have 6 pages.  


We have looked at a few different tourist attractions including… 

The Palace Pier, the Pavilion, the Beach, the Downs, The North Laine shops and the i360. You could start a project where you draw a picture and write something about a different attraction on each page. You should try to think about how you could persuade people that they would really enjoy visiting each place. 

Hint…  try to only work on one page a day so that you can do your best work. 

Activity 3: Art

Look at these two youtube clips. 

Use this clip to help you to draw some simple hill shapes 

Then have a look at these pictures by Eric Ravilious many of which were drawn around Sussex. It might give you some ideas about colors you could use and details you could add to your picture. 

Week 10 w.b. 15.06.20

Activity 1: Look at this map of Brighton.  

Pick one of the places of interest shown here. Have a go at copying the picture and then try to find some interesting facts about that place. If you do your research on the internet, make sure you work with an adult and think about internet safety. 


Activity 2: We live in a city, but nature is all around us like this fox sleeping at Brighton station. Try keeping a diary of all the interesting plants, birds, insects and other animals that you can spot over the next week. 

Activity 3: Have a look at this picture of the Sussex downs by Eric Ravilious.

 What can you see? 

Where could this path lead? 

Use your imagination, Write or draw some pictures of things you might see if you walked down this path. Who might you meet? What kinds of animals might you see? What would you smell or hear as you walked along? 

Week 9 w.b. 08.06.20

Activity 1: Look at this picture of Brighton seafront in the late 19th century. What is the same and what is different about Brighton today? You could write a list and draw some picture that answer this question.

Activity 2: Brighton has a history of trying to attract tourists with amazing machines. There are two pictures below. The first shows the Brighton and Rottingdean Electric Railway, which was a unique coastline railway that ran through the shallow coastal waters of the English Channel be- tween 1896 and 1901. The second shows the i360 on the seafront today.




Week 8 w.b 01.06.20

Watch this video about the history of Brighton made by school children from Moulsecoomb Primary School:

What facts do you find interesting?

What would you like to know more about?

Have you got any questions about Brighton?

Week 7 w.b 18.05.20

See this week’s weekly overview for activities that link with our ‘Under the Sea’ topic.

Week 6 w.b 11.05.20

Listen to Jacques Cousteau’s life story here:

‘Manfish’ Jacques Cousteau Comic Strip


Watch this video about the artist Wyland’s painting of an octopus:


Week 5 w.b 04.05.20

Floating and Sinking Experiment Record

Week 4

This week, can you find out lots of facts about your favourite sea animal? You could use books or the Internet. Then create a fact file about your sea animal. You could write your facts in the fact file below.

Sea Animal Fact File

Have a look at this week’s overview document for lots more topic related activities. Have fun!

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Year 2 News

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KS1 Reading Presentation

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KS1 Reading meeting for parents