School Trips

School trips, visits, clubs after school and enrichment activities enhance pupils’ learning journeys and enhance individual experiences at school. Many school trips are reliant upon voluntary contributions and this will be stated on letters sent home. If insufficient voluntary contributions are raised to fund a visit, then the school will inform the parents/ carers if the activity has to be cancelled.

Details of individual school trips will be given by the teachers and will require parental/carer consent. For more information about when and where they are, please talk to your teacher.

The provision of such activities is funded through the following means:

  • We ask parents and carers for voluntary contributions to fund enrichment activities wholly or partly in school time, which would be prohibited otherwise.
  • The PTA can be approached by the school to request a small grant of £250 to assist towards the cost of a class visit.
  • The school may allocate a portion of its school budget, e.g using the Primary Sports Premium funding, to provide clubs after school which may be offered at a reduced rate or free to pupils.
  • The school can use its pupil premium funding to support payment for specific activities for those pupils whose families are on low incomes. This must be agreed in advance with the Head teacher and SENCO and each case will be assessed separately, based on individual need.



See our ‘Charging and Remissions’ policy 2020.