Academic Year 2022-23

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May 2023

Academic Year 2021-22

This past week (6th-10th June) in Eco Club, we have been making sure that our Wild flower meadow has been watered.  We have also been planting vegetables that we grew from seeds. Look how big they are now!
This Autumn and Spring Eco Club have been very busy.
We have painted stones and shells to decorate our Eco Garden.  Planted vegetables and flowers and helped to keep them alive. We have also planted a wildflower meadow and built a new green roof for our Eco Shed. Most of all we have had so much fun!
Thanks so much to everyone involved for making Eco Club so great. A special thanks to Martin Lundgren for all his help, also to Ms Bowen. Most importantly a special thank you to all the children who make Eco Club so wonderful.
Stay green,
Mrs Hutchinson


Academic Year 2020-21

Here are some photographs showing what we have been up to in 2020-21:

Tuesday 11th May:

We have done some still art and drawings for our Eco Board.

We have gone on a wildlife hunt.

We have carried out some weeding.


Tuesday 4th May 2021:

We have filled in a questionnaire about what our school does well in Eco wise and what we need to work on.


Tuesday 27th April:

We have planted some seeds using a special peat free compost.