School Values and rules

Our Values

Our aim is to work in a safe and friendly atmosphere, and we celebrate the following values:

Care and respect: We have a culture of care and respect where “fair” means that everyone gets what they need, not that everyone gets the same.

Inclusion: Every child and adult is valued and can make a meaningful contribution to school life and succeed. We aspire to meet the needs of all children.

Life-long learning: Learning should be a purposeful, creative, rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone. We want everyone to reach their full learning potential.

Diversity: We celebrate diversity, equal opportunities and global education

Partnership: We work in partnership with our parents, carers, other schools and the wider community


Our Rules

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We respect the diversity of our community by celebrating and learning from our differences. We believe that relationships are the key to a successful school. We work hard to develop positive and supportive relationships between all members of the school community and our golden rules help us to do this:

✓ Ready

✓ Respectful

✓ Safe

We will always foster good relationships in our school and strive to create a vibrant, positive and memorable learning journey for all members of our community.