Learning Powers

In addition to delivering the statutory curriculum, since the Autumn of 2013 we have also been committed to teaching and nurturing the qualities that successful learners possess.

In consultation with the children, we decided on the following seven ‘learning powers’:

Click on the above images to see full size versions of the posters we created and which are on display in every classroom.

By focussing on these ‘learning powers’, we aim to ensure that our children can develop into truly independent, life-long learners and are as well-equipped as possible for their next phase of education when they eventually leave Elm Grove.

Each of the seven learning powers is linked to a colour of the rainbow. For the younger children Miss Emery and Miss Souttar wrote short stories which help to explain the meaning of the learning power names, as well as providing an animal and symbol to accompany each colour.

We have taken a number of steps aimed at embedding these learning powers on a daily basis, in order that they really do complement and enhance the statutory curriculum and improve outcomes for all of the children. For example, we have learning wheels displayed in classrooms; there is one per child which is split into the seven sections, and whenever an adult notices them using one of the learning powers in school, a small sticker is placed in the appropriate section of their wheel. These learning wheels are designed to provide a visual reminder for the children in the classroom, as well as to encourage reflection about personal strengths and areas for development. When placing a sticker on their learning wheel, children are also given their own sticker to wear for the day which indicates that they have used a particular learning power well, and we hope that these individual stickers help to stimulate further discussion between the children and their parents / carers about their learning at school.

In addition, teachers highlight learning powers, when appropriate, in their marking of children’s work, and during our Golden Book assemblies every Friday morning, learning power certificates are awarded to children from every class. We have also used the children’s ideas of what each of the learning powers means in order to have a unique set of Elm Grove posters professionally produced, and these are displayed in every classroom and corridor.

We look forward to providing you with further updates about the work that we have been doing in this area in due course.