Improvement and Development Priorities 2023-2024


This is Elm Grove’s 2023-24 development plan. Priorities have been agreed as a result of data analysis, professional dialogue, governor input, monitoring and questionnaire feedback.

2023-2024 School Improvement Priorities


The teaching of reading at Elm Grove is centred on the objectives for reading in the Reading Framework – Teaching the Foundations of Literacy (published July 2021) and the 2016 National Curriculum in England: English programmes of study Updated July 2016.

Reading at Elm Grove (in depth look)

Reading Spine Whole Class Books


Staff in Reception and Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 are currently being or have recently been trained in a new Systematic, Synthetic Phonics programme called “Sounds-Write”. Sounds-write is one of the validated systematic synthetic phonics programmes on the list published by the DFES following the January 2022 update to the phonics validation process. The Sounds–Write approach to teaching phonics is phonographic, which is to say it starts with what all children acquire naturally and right from the start – the sounds of their own language; then it teaches that letters or combinations of letters, called graphemes are the agreed ways in which we represent these sounds when we write.


At Elm Grove we use the Kinetic Letters programme for our handwriting curriculum. Using four main threads of making bodies stronger, holding the pencil, learning the letters, and flow and fluency, the programme enables children to develop legible handwriting that is produced quickly and automatically. With the development of automaticity, handwriting becomes a valuable tool and not a hindrance to learning.

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We would like all of our parents/carers to read and sign our Home School Partnership.


 At Elm Grove we believe that learning mathematics is about enjoyment, curiosity and discovery.  We don’t just want to ‘get things right’, we want to talk about different and efficient ways of finding answers, explain why they are true and maybe ask more questions!  We use concrete materials and visual representations to expose mathematical concepts and we learn how to use precise mathematical language to communicate ideas.  Through problem-solving and talking about our maths we develop deep and secure understanding.  We also rehearse, repeat and revisit key concepts to help ideas stick.  We know that if we build good mathematical fluency (knowing and understanding key facts), it is much easier to move on to more complex problems.  At Elm Grove, everyone is a mathematician; we learn to notice patterns, make connections, spot mathematical rules and feel success.

Math’s at Elm Grove (in depth look)

Fluency progression at Elm Grove

Elm Grove TimesTable Booklet


The importance of PSHE education in for example preventing bullying, prejudice, and in contributing to positive physical, emotional and mental health and healthy relationships is increasingly recognised at Elm Grove Primary School. Therefore, at Elm Grove Primary School PSHE education is an important part of our curriculum as it enables our pupils to build healthy friendships and keep themselves safe now and in the future. We believe that effective PSHE education supports the teaching of behaviour for learning, and that it contributes to the wellbeing, safety and achievement of all pupils in this school.

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Please click on the following link to view the Elm Grove Primary School Programme of Study for computing lessons.

Elm Grove Primary School Programme of Study

The following policies may also be of use to you:

  • E Safety Policy
  • Ipad Home School Agreement
  • Please have a look at the website links below for information on internet safety, ranging from how to help boost body image and self-esteem to an interactive online game you can play with your children to help them become more confident and safer online. or

Curriculum Overview

Here is our current curriculum map:

Elm Grove Curriculum Map


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